End to End (e2e)

On certain occasions, it may be necessary to obtain increased authority or a personalized strategy that aligns with your application. This is where the option of "e2e" becomes relevant.

We offer APIs for customer billing, however, it is incumbent upon you to retrieve their payment information and determine your own user interface and payment process. This approach grants you the ability to create tailor-made customer experiences that fulfill your vision.

How does it operate?

e2e charge involves three core stages:

  1. First, initialize the payment through submitting the payment and customer details to the relevant complete endpoints.

  2. Secondly, complete the charge by obtaining the customer's consent through their payment provider, such as a bank, mobile money or card issuer, which allows the charge to be completed.

  3. Lastly, as a precautionary measure, make use of the verify payment endpoint for confirmation that the payment has been successful prior to providing value.

e2e complete options

Below are the available methods for receiving payments through e2e. Each form of e2e necessitates distinctive prerequisites and an authorization process.

  • Name

    Payment channel to make a payment with. Available channels include:

    1. cm.mtn: For MTN Mobile Money Cameroun
    2. cm.orange: For Orange Money Cameroun
    3. cm.mobile: For Orange Money Or MTN Mobile Money Cameroon only
    4. paypal: For Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.
  • Name

    Customer information relating to the chosen payment method.

Data parameters according to channel

  1. cm.mtn
    • phone : MTN Mobile mobile money number to be charged
  2. cm.orange
    • phone : Orange money number to be charged
  3. cm.mobile
    • phone : MTN Mobile or Orange money number to be charged
  4. paypal
    • email : Customer email
  5. card
    • name : Card Holder Name
    • card_number : Card Number
    • exp : Card Expire date (MM/YY)
    • cvc : Card Verification Code


To effectively manage e2e scenarios, webhooks can be valuable assets in receiving prompt notifications of customer-authorized charges. Reviewing our comprehensive webhooks guide will provide useful insights and knowledge on how to efficiently incorporate them into your operations.