Hey there! Our APIs got you covered for sending and receiving payments in a ton of currencies and countries, with all sorts of payment options. Ready to get started? Here's the deal!

Step 1. Create an account

Yo, to get started, make your own Notch Pay account for free. Upon completion of your registration process, access to your test environment will be automatically granted.

The test environment provides the following capabilities:

  • Payment collection using simulated cards data
  • Manage customers
  • Configure your profile
  • KYC completion and launching.

Step 2. Configure your integration

Select from our range of integration methods to construct your integration, with some of our popular choices including:

  1. Inline payment
  2. SDKs and Plugins
  3. Direct integration with API

To facilitate integration building, we offer mock data for testing purposes as well as a glossary of error messages and best practices.

Step 3. Verify your account

So, to get your account up and running, we gotta make sure everything looks good on our end. This means we need you to send over some important docs and details about your business (check out the full list) so we can give you the best experience possible.

Step 4. Go live and accept payments

After receiving approval for your account, you will be able to begin accepting payments from your customers. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.